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Leaderology Workbook

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The first series of Stars Aligned addresses how to identify your leadership style using the natal chart.

About this Event

Join Quaint Revolt and The Remedy for Leaderology - a workshop designed to help creative entrepreneurs identify their unique leadership styles based on their natal charts. This is the first of three collaborative workshops titled "Stars Aligned," presented by Quaint Revolt Media and The Remedy Art Healing.

Leaderology compares the natal chart to business leadership styles, as a means of crafting management identities specialized for each entrepreneur. Join us for an in-depth event that pairs astrology with entrepreneurship.

About the Hosts:

Samiyah Malik is a Freelance Artist and Therapeutic Art Life Coach based in Atlanta, GA. Through her passion for design, Malik provides creative services to entrepreneurs. As a Muslim Bangladeshi Woman, her identity is reflected in her work as she continues the path of self-discovery. Samiyah Malik's initiative of Therapeutic Art Coaching is to create healing safe spaces for others to learn & grow. Learn more about Samiyah here.

Sasha-Gay Trusty is a Jamaican editor and media entrepreneur based in Atlanta. By leveraging her journalism social sciences background, she is on a mission to disrupt media and democratize the global creative economy. In 2014, I launched a platform that blossomed into Quaint Revolt - a lifestyle publisher at the intersection of new media and concept retail. Learn more about Sasha-Gay here.