A Clean Beauty Lifestyle

As the beauty revolution continues to grow interest, consumers are buying with a more selective approach than eras past. And we are listening to the concerns of our beauty + wholeness enthusiasts. Luckily, our Shoppe is predicated on offering beauty alternatives that doubles as aromatherapy for the face and skin.

Some of the concerns we are prioritizing...

  • Clean Beauty

We are aware that our community values beauty products that are sourced and made with care and consideration. Our selection of oils and balms are made from predominantly natural and/or organic products, and respectfully made in the USA and internationally.

  • Functionality

Our Shoppers make informed buys based on the functionality of every product. Great packaging, branding and even exceptional reach does not override quality and the effectiveness products. Thus, we emphasize only curating items that do what is expected + necessary for every user.

  • Ethics

This core principle drives the Quaint Shoppe in every way. Fair pricing, thoughtful selection of brands + products, and our unmatched customer service. All of these guarantees are rooted in our integrity.

Shoppe confidently knowing that our collection encourages your journey to a lifestyle of clean beauty.


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